Simple, complete, effective

We understand that your job is not creating invoices, or managing subscriptions: your job is engaging your members.

For this reason we’ve put understanding member’s interests and skills at the core of our experience,

so you may better understand who your members are, leverage their true skills,

and match your activities to their true passions.

All the rest, is just to make your life easier.

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Discover the passions
of your members

WeTipp helps you discover the interests and skills of your members and match your activities to what they really love doing.

Recover the skills you need

Stuck with your old crappy website? Need a webdesigner?

With WeTipp you can discover the most unexpected skills in your group.


Kill spam with

messaging by interests

On WeTipp both group leaders and members can forward messages on the base of interests, reaching directly the right people and eliminating spam.

Your members data,

all in one place

Seamlessly store your members data, define subscription & services

 and export any information any time you want.


Invoices with one click

Invoices are automatically generated based on member’s subscription and use of your services. Simply verify everything is ok,

and generate your invoice with one click.

Seamless Room booking

Showcase your meeting rooms and let your members book them with a seamless drag and drop interface. WeTipp will take care of room booking credits and invoicing extra usage.


Mobile friendly

Through a responsive webdesign, WeTipp is fully accessible from any device.

Discover a new member or book a meeting room anywhere you are!


WeTipp is free and allows you to manage unlimited users

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