Simple, complete, effective

We understand that your job is not creating invoices, or managing subscriptions: your job is engaging your members.

For this reason we’ve put understanding member’s interests and skills at the core of our experience,

so you may better understand who your members are, leverage their true skills,

and match your activities to their true passions.

All the rest, is just to make your life easier.

Social login

Connect multiple social media accounts to a singe users and importing data automatically to learn about your community.

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Skills & interests customisable profiling

Easily customise the tags with which you want to profile your members, so to discover their true interests and skills. Users will be able to add their own, or choose more from our expanding taxonomy of over 2000 tags.

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Discover with a single click, the skills and interests of your members. Reccomended tags help you discover people who share your interests and skills, and many othe rfilters such as location, language and nationality are available.

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Tired of empty profiles… or profiles with 1000 tags that are unreadable? WeTipp clusters all information by areas of interests, allowing you to get a general picture of a user with a simple glance.

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WeTipp is free and allows you to manage unlimited users

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