Talent Garden, the biggest european coworking spaces network, is a WeTipp powered adventure.

Discover how Talent Garden has become Europe’s largest physical networking and training platform for digital innovation, with 23 campuses in 8 countries and thousands of talents, including startups, freelancers, corporations and large corporations.

“We create campus to grow the talents of digital and technology and connect them globally.”

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More that 18.000 young European Erasmus talents are building a community through WeTipp.

Meet garageErasmus, the professional network of the Erasmus Generation that aims to support the shaping of better-integrated Europe.

“garageErasmus pursues its mission through matching demand and offer of international jobs, fostering social initiatives and helping the creation of new start-ups.”

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The Engineers Guild of Rome built their own social platform on WeTipp.

Thousands of Engineers are working together into Exedra: the WeTipp based social platform. They share contents and job offering matching skilled professionals, fresh graduates and enterprises.

“Exedra is the social network offered by the Order of Engineers to its members, to create networking between colleagues, offer an efficient solution for matching job demand and offer, provide tools of collaboration between members, and create a showcase of skills to citizens.”

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Positive Education Accelerators are building their inspirational events on WeTipp.

WeTipp is a partner of Positive Education Accelerator, helping them to create a network of positive people.

“the 2018 WPEA elevated the inspiration and ideas of over 1,200 researchers, educators, practitioners, positive psychologists, agents of change and other parties interested in promoting both academic achievement and character virtue development.”

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