Discover what passion moves your members

Do you know that most members leave communities due to having an unpersonalized experience?
Build an engaging community by knowing the passions that move your members and using them to boost participation.

Suggest relevant interests

Give them hints about the main topics you want them to discuss in the community.

Ask and get answers

Build a easy and smooth onboarding process, that asks for the information you need to know. Or do it later with a poll.

Know the data

Get a better community by analizing the data and knowing the members as it grows.

How can you achieve this?

Customizable profiling

Get all the information you need with a deeply customizable onboarding process, and choose who’s eligible to join your community.

Precise members directory

Looking for specific talents? Check your directory! You can filter it and find the person you’re looking for!

Discover the true skills and interests

Let members describe themselves clearly by choosing between thousands of possible skills and interests.

Pre built activity templates

Be sure to create activities that have a large participation. Map the interest that your members have for activities before launching them OR discover the activities that your members would like to attend.

Quick polls and surveys

Want answers? Just ask your members or let them create the polls!

Detailed analytics

Nothing is better than knowing what’s going on. So we provide you the tools to say: we are doing great!
(Or: we can do even better than this...)

Do you know that...

…by building an emotional connection with your clients their Life Time Value grows up to the 306%.

…57% of teens are more likely to pay more for brands that support the causes important to them.

…engaged consumers stay with a brand for an average of 5.1 years vs the 3.4 years of non engaged.

…it takes only 20 people to build a online community that generates a meaningful level of activity.

Sources: Ning, Motista, Mediacom

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