Doing it together is the best way

Collaboration happens in many shapes and sizes. Have tools that ease creativity and productivity between your members, and be pleasently surprised.

Map your people

Valuable comunications starts knowing who are you addressing to. Personalize your messaging progiling your members

Kill spam

Get all the contents automatically organized and direct the right content to the right people.

Lead with groups

Let your members self-organize and participate in the activities that they are more passionate about.

You can do that, with those features:

Have precise roles

You can set different subscriptions to join the community, or even different roles to join a sigle project.

Collective profiles

Give your members the opportunity to speak in behalf of their organization.

Topics & tags

Help your members quickly find the information they are interested in by keeping your content organized.

Event & agenda management

Organize big events and manage multiple activities running at the same time. Provide a smooth join experience to your members.

Files cloud

Store all the files in one single place, making them accessible to the community.


Create independent spaces for organizations that belong to your community.

More that 18.000 young European Erasmus talents are building a community through WeTipp.

Meet garageErasmus, the professional network of the Erasmus Generation that aims to support the shaping of better-integrated Europe.

“garageErasmus pursues its mission through matching demand and offer of international jobs, fostering social initiatives and helping the creation of new start-ups.”

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