User centered participation

We help the members find the way to contribute... From sharing an idea to launching a discussion to getting knee deep in organising an event.

Because you should not worry about member engagement.

Inspire ideas

Have a wide toolbox of creative, entertaining, productive and engaging ready-to-start activities.

Listen and react

Build a community based on the feedback of members: kill boring contents and grow the cool ones.

Let the member build

Fuel your post feed with the members’ ideas and activities. They want to create and partecipate!

Know the features

Clear topics

Allow members to be notified of the contents and goals they care about.
You’ll kill spam and ensure the maximum interest for every post in your members feed.


Members Discussions

Let your members explore the topics they care about, by talking to eachother and creating valuable content and insights.

Express ideas through Activities

Events allow you to launch high quality activities. You can choose to make it open or launch it only if the minimum people are required, find all the skills you need and stay in touch afterwards.


Projects help you form teams with different skills and roles.
You can build them to assess the interest in a specific topic and ensure engagement.

Are you looking for a big plan to realize a big project?
With the Challenge you can make it as big as you want, keeping it tidy.
You can even launch a whole Hackaton: a powerful tool for generating great ideas.

Event Templates help you gather interest for activities before launching them and giving cool ideas of things to do to your community managers and members.
Project Templates help you share best practices within your community.


Offers and Requests

Build a time bank where members can offer their expertise, help each other and manage their time.
Build a great community welfare!


Show your good side to the community by managing the voluntary activities of your members. Do it for the greater good!


The ease of talking to everyone , about any topic, without the mess of managing multiple tools.

Do you know that...

…engaged employees are 21% more productive than their less engaged counterparts.

…70% fewer safety incidents occur in highly engaged workplaces

…highly engaged organizations saw 40% fewer quality defects.

…having a higly engaged workplace can increase sales up to 20%.

Sources: Gallup

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To start your community is free. To see your members enjoing it, is priceless.
Start now and have limitless members.

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