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Increase your economical and social impact, while building reputation with simple tools. Toghether with your members you’re gonna have a real positive impact on the world.

Share value among members

Save money by managing the use of common goods and motivating people to share resources.

Build belief

Improve your reputation by impacting the life of your members


Increase the number of recurrent revenues by automatizing invoices and subscriptions

Get to know the impact tools

Simple membership invoicing

Manage subscriptions, donations and fees directly on the platform.
Automatize invoicing without breaking a sweat.

Deals for members

Share with your members exclusive deals and discounts from partner organizations.

Company pages

Make it easy for sponsors and business partners to be present in the community, with account and pages made expecially for them.

Resource booking

Let your members book themselves the resources available in your space.

Job board

Post job offers and manage the applications from backoffice

Hackaton & crowdsourcing

Power up great ideas trhough the partecipation of all your members. Build hackaton in a simple step by step process.

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