community engagement made easy

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Engage your members through their passions 

Discover the passions
of your members

WeTipp helps you match your activities with the interests and skills of your members. Get them to do what they really love doing!

Recover the skills you need

Stuck with your old crappy website? Need a webdesigner? With WeTipp you can discover the most unexpected skills in your group.

Kill Spam with
messaging by interests

On WeTipp both group leaders and members can forward messages on the base of interests, reaching directly the right people and eliminating spam.

Involve people with your events!  

You events will find the right people

Your events are automatically reccomended, on the base of interests, to the people and organization in our community.

Tips of activities to create

Receive tips of awesome activity ideas that match the interests and skills of your members.

WeTipp will also help you multiply your ideas, resuggesting them around the world to those who can bring them to life.

Sell or Crowdfund your Events

Wether you want to cover costs, make extra money or fundraise through events, we want to help you. You can sell tickets or crowdfund events so they will start only if a quota of participants is reached.

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